Tiina's giveaway

Tiina's giveaway
31 Jan

יום שבת, 20 במאי 2017

Little chests

Hello dear readers,

Family health issues take more of my time lately and keep me away from my blog.  I sadly had to stop my volunteer work with the handicapped ladies at the center but hope to return in the near future. It has been a very rewarding time and almost all the stuff created by these  great ladies was sold out.
Here are some tiny pipe cleaners animals I taught them on the last day we worked together.  We had great fun doing them.

When using craft sticks for making small furniture pieces we almost always throw away the rounded ends.  I kept some of these parts in various sizes hoping to find a way to use them.  I came up with
an idea of little chests made of egg carton covered craft sticks.

I wish you all a blessed weekend.

יום רביעי, 26 באפריל 2017

Egg carton flower pots

Hello dear readers,

I need flower pots, as many as possible.  Found this wonderful  tutorial for making flower pots out of card stock https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZQHxtIAVhY.
I wanted to try it but didn't have the card paper nor the mosaic cement.  Instead,  I had  at hand plenty egg cartons left over from the holidays so I tried, with a few changes, to make pots using this material.  With a few changes from the original tutorial, here is how I made my flower pots:

Materials used:
Egg cartons
Tacky glue
Foam piece or eraser
pen handle (for rolling)
Sand paper
Acrylic paints

This is how they look after adding the top bands and trimming the bases.  Now comes the sanding part.  I sanded them allover, sides bases and tops.  Now they are ready to be painted.

After sanding the edges get smooth and it's hardly noticeable where they were glued together.

From  now I shall hopefully never be without planting pots.

Wish you all lovely days of sunshine and blessings.

יום שישי, 21 באפריל 2017

"Under the Dome" gifts

Hello dear readers,

It's called holidays or vacations so why is it that always when they end I find myself needing a good rest?

Here are a few more "under the dome" gifts that I chose to make this time.

The two little grazing  giraffes are tiny plastic beads.  I added the tails, made the tree and fence.

There was no time to make more scenes,  I'll keep my ideas for later on.  Instead I  made
small flower arrangements in beautiful glass beads that I found in a store specializing in beads, and placed them under the domes.
They look nice and dust protected.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend with blessings.

יום רביעי, 5 באפריל 2017

Don't touch my carrots

Hello dear readers,

For the ten small dome show cases, posted about in my previous post,  I wanted at least one with an Easter scene.  By the way, I found out that the cases actually serve for cupcakes and other sweets. (Has to be a very small cupcake.)

I made the little tree, the bunny and the carrots.  I think I'll make another one to keep for myself.

This is my Easter bunny guarding his carrots.  He's enjoying his meal, in fact he is a chubby, jolly fellow who loves to eat.

Eight more cases to fill....... Next week to give them away.  Most of them will show flower arrangements.

A warm welcome to all my new followers.  Thank you for your comments.

I wish all my dear readers lovely days of spring and blessings

יום שבת, 25 במרץ 2017

Under the lemon tree

Hello dear readers,

Within a few days we'll be celebrating our Passover. This holiday is the time for family gatherings around very festive tables  The shops  are having sales of very elegant plastic disposal dishes and other table items. Not cheap but work saving.  As I was looking around I found these little cases. I asked the shop keeper what they were meant for and she didn't have a clue.  Neither had I.

First thing that entered my mind was DUST FREE tiny scenes!

Sitting under a lemon tree can be risky.  Good thing he had his hat on.

These hard, transparent plastic cases come in packages of 10 units.  Making different scenes in each of the ten will keep me busy for hours but, on the other hand, they'll be great gifts.

I was unable to resist and bought this cute plastic cake decoration set. Some of the pieces are good for 1/12" projects.  (The seventh dwarf refused to be photoed.)

I wish you all a pleasant weekend with lots of fun.  Blessings!

יום שני, 20 במרץ 2017

Purple flowers

Hello dear readers,

There was purple paper left over after the pansies.  I thought about all the beautiful flowers of this color in real life and started looking for tutorials on the net.  There are  many wonderful tutorials to be found on Pinterest, all you have to do is browse for them.  Here are my results (with a few adaptions of my own).


Ornamental garlic



This year is considered one of our dry ones with very little rain.  We rely mostly on water desalination.  Our parks and city squares use recycled water and are kept beautifully green and blooming. Spring is the best period for visiting Israel.

Blessings to all my dear friends and readers.

יום שלישי, 7 במרץ 2017

Pansies tutorial

Hello dear readers,

It was a beautiful spring day.  I went to Tel-Aviv in the morning and was happy to see, from the bus' large windows, some of the city squares full with these beautiful flowers., blooming in many colors.

This is how I made my version of pansies.

Tools -

The heart and star punches sizes are 0.8 cm size.  the hole punch is 0.4 mm. The flower punch is 0.8 cm. I used it for making five little heart shaped leaves each about 0.5 mm.

Materials - 


From the paper coated wires (A gift from Jennifer for which I'll always be grateful) I cut about 2 cm length pieces. Dipped the tip of one end of each piece in yellow acrylic paint and put aside to dry.

Leaves and sepals:

Shaping leaves on a rubber eraser:

I laid the paper leaf on the rubber eraser and drew veins, pressing with the tiny ball end against the erazer. I poked dots all around the leaf (See the pencil drawing). Then I turned the leaf over and pressed it in the middle with the larger ball end.

Since only the leaf itself will be seen, I glued  green metal wires to the paper leaves.

Shaping the sepals:

I poked each of the five ends of the star with the small ball, turned the star over and pressed it in the middle with the large ball.

Flower heads:

On the butterfly shape I painted a cross with a deeper purple acrylic paint.  When dry I used a tooth pick to put a tiny yellow acrylic paint dot in the middle.  Two little circles were glued together, shaped and glued to the butterfly top on the wrong side.

Shaping the flower head:

Same as with the leaves, I poked dots with the tiny end ball (see drawing) Then turned the paper flower over.

To assemble the flower I perforated a tiny hole both in the middle of the sepal and middle of the yellow dot on the flower head.  Then  threaded the stem, first through the flower head then through the sepal putting dots of glue at the bottom of the yellow top of the stem and behind the flower head to keep the flower and sepal together.

The bigger pot is a cleaning staff bottle cap painted terracotta.  The smaller pot is a metal bell turned upside down and painted the same.  The two little pots are created by me from ceramic clay fired in a kilt. All the pots are filled with brown plasticine.  I just pushed the leaves and the flowers inside.

I cannot attempt to pretend that these pansies are perfect but I tried my best and enjoyed every step of the job.  If anyone will be able to use this tutorial, he or she are most welcome.

I wish you, my dear readers, beautiful spring days like the ones we enjoy now and blessings.